Plum Blossom Countersunk Head Screw

Product Name:Plum blossom countersunk head screw
Material: Q215A carbon steel
Purpose: Anti detachment performance
Surface treatment: black zinc
Standard number: QC/T 856
Strength level: 4.8
Head shape: countersunk head
Slot type: customized
Screw length: customized (mm)
Thread nominal: customized

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Plum blossom countersunk head screw

JINGBANG Hardware is a professional comprehensive enterprise that integrates development, design, production, sales and service, mainly engaged in the manufacturing and operation of industrial fasteners and mechanical parts. The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. We are a young and creative team with material drawing factories, stamping parts factories, fastener standard parts factories, fastener non-standard parts and mechanical parts factories.

Product application industry:

Plum blossom countersunk head screw are mainly used in various industries such as electrical appliances, electronic products, computers, mobile phones, communication terminals, furniture, cars, motorcycles, toys, lighting, speakers, watches, instruments, cameras, mechanical equipment, construction and installation, etc. We specialize in providing high quality fasteners and other hardware accessories for such companies.

Main types of products:

Fastener category: including various machine tooth screws, self tapping screws, hexagonal stainless steel screws, combination screws, bolts, nuts, stainless steel countersunk cross head wood screws, rivets, washers, springs, and lathe parts (non-standard parts).
Machining: Stamping parts, shaft cores, CNC computer lathes, etc.
Product Material: Our products mainly use carbon steel (including low-carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, spring steel), stainless steel (SUS201SUS202SUS302SUS303SUS304SUS316SUS416), alloy steel, zinc aluminum alloy, aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, bakelite, nylon, and so on.